There are those who are lucky enough to have an exterior compartment in their home from low with large gardens to small urban balconies. Enjoying an outdoor corner is a pleasure. The decoration of small sunrooms follows the same rules as any other space. The main thing is to create a comfortable atmosphere. The charming sunrooms fulfill this condition since they turn the summer evenings-nights into a perfect moment for rest and contemplation. If you are thinking about decorating an outdoor sunroom, you are in the right place.

Garlands and Candles

Sometimes the outside area of ​​the house is so small that we wonder if it is worth investing in its set-up. Of course! Even with a few square meters, incredible results can be obtained, with the added value of managing to decorate a sunroom with little money given its small dimensions, where several garlands and many candles are enough elements to light up a sunroom.

Wooden chair

A simple wooden chair accompanied by a small table is capable of making a difference. In addition, textiles contribute to decorated sunrooms gaining in style. On this occasion, several black and white prints have been chosen.

This sunroom with plants is completed with wooden furniture that seems handmade. The set breathes rustic air thanks to the design of the cushions, but it also has a minimalist point thanks to the floor planters.

Flowery cushions

Who said that it was not possible to decorate sunrooms with little money? Wooden drawers that are sure to have been used as storage fulfill the function of seats here. The jute rug, the flowery cushions, and those magnificent hydrangeas make for a very appetizing image.

Fixed or movable glassed sunrooms

The advantage of the enclosure of sunrooms is that, in addition to gaining in the useful surface, there is the possibility of undertaking works of greater depth. In this example, we see a sunroom with a kitchen. They are small stoves, but enough to prepare a menu to taste while looking at the horizon.

The glassed sunrooms can be fixed or movable. In this case, we are facing an enclosure on rails that provides isolation and privacy, but also that air flows when it is opened. On a wooden floor, we see wooden furniture, upholstery and white curtains, and a geometric patterned rug.

Traditional cream color

We got off the floors with a sunroom in height to the ground floor with a garden. In the patios of the chalets, there is more freedom, since we are talking about decorating large sunrooms in which to give free rein to our imagination. This example is chill out in its purest form.

The great ally of sunrooms and gardens in single-family homes is the awning. Without this accessory, it is impossible to protect yourself from the sun’s rays adequately. On this occasion, a very traditional cream color model has been chosen. Under it, a dining room awaits us with a table set with great care. For more ideas and their implementation process, don’t worry, visit Value Builders Group website and start improving the quality of your life.

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