How to Counter Piracy Issues For Your Company

The image of violent pirates, such as navigators who terrorized the oceans and coasts with dishonest actions, has given way to another type of piracy. Currently, browsing the Internet, there are pirates of content, who take without authorization what belongs to others.

The daily losses caused by content pirates are huge. It is estimated that a pirated movie before its release loses a considerable percentage in its profit margins.

With the rise of the digital era, creative expression has reached a high point, which invites reflection. Will a writer, a singer and investors in a film studio have the same income for their work at this time?

The answer is negative, and this is due to the advancement of technology that has put content pirates ahead. What causes it to turn uphill solve the problem of intellectual property theft.

Here some considerations according to the study that highlights the consumption of digital content:

  • There was a 12% decrease in illegal movie access.
  • With respect to music downloading, it decreased by 10.1%.
  • In the case of book and video game downloads, the line increased by 12%.

Associations to combat content pirates have pointed out that the strategies for making pirated copies and distributing them are very fast in comparison with the adequacy of the legal framework that penalizes these actions.

Taking into account that there was a decrease in some lines of content, forceful actions must be taken for anti piracy measures. These steps range from judicial measures to the blocking of domains where these illegal practices are encouraged.

Licensed Software

All software used in the organization must be purchased and installed under license. This allows better functioning of the programs, protection against malware, updates and lawsuits are avoided, for illegal use of pirated software.

Do Not Advertise On Pirated Websites

Entrepreneurs should avoid placing their advertisements on sites that promote content piracy. These pages receive income thanks to advertisements, which allows them to consolidate to encourage theft of intellectual property.

Business And Government Alliances

The establishment of coalitions to combat content pirates is good strategies in regions such as Latin America. Governments and companies must join forces so that income derived from intellectual property is not harmed.

Development And Improvement Of Anti-Pirate Content Technology Resources

The imagination of content pirates is impressive, which is why organizations must develop more effective technological resources. In addition, dissemination campaigns on the risk of not establishing protection resources against piracy should be implemented.

The cybersecurity should be premise companies wishing to protect themselves from all risks that threaten the resources of the organization.

In cyber attacks statistics, organizations, especially those in the entertainment world, must be aware that the digital society is here to stay. Likewise, work so that your companies allow users to access solutions such as payments to view and subscriptions at reasonable prices.

Undoubtedly, these and other actions will help reduce content piracy and ensure the enjoyment of income from intellectual property.…

The History and Success of Mori Seiki for CNC Machines

In Mori Seiki, your CNC Machine Supplier, you can find a solution to all your machining needs in Computerized Numerical Control equipment. Today’s needs for any company in the manufacturing industry have evolved, seeking to reduce costs and operating times, for this we offer the best CNC Machines in the market.

Our goal is to deliver quality, excellence, robustness, and precision in each CNC Machine that we offer in order to assure you an improvement in your manufacturing processes and for this, we not only offer machines but an integrated solution through technical support of service and applications, With the highest and most up to date technology available worldwide.

Through our brands, we offer the best CNC Machines in the market with which we can solve any application from small parts that you can hold in your hand to pieces of more than 10 meters in length in all types of materials, whether Turned, Milling, Grinding or boring.

We have CNC equipment of diverse origins historically recognized as leading sites in the manufacture of fine equipment such as Japan, Switzerland, and Germany.

Choose the right CNC engraving machine.

Within the technical specifications of a CNC engraving machine, which we must take into account, to know if it meets the expectations of the company, we have the maximum recording area, the type of materials that can be worked, the ease of transport and size in general.

Determining the proper specifications of a CNC engraving machine involves carefully considering the types of projects that are advanced now and in the future. The ability of the machine to accept updates in certain configurations or software is a determining factor when choosing it.

On the other hand, the portability and size of the machine are fundamental. A machine, which we can easily transport from one place to another in the industrial building, will be much more practical and functional than one that, due to its size and configuration, must remain fixed in one place.

The workload capacity and the ability to manage heavy projects vary from one CNC engraving machine to another. If the machine will be used from time to time, or if it will have a daily and continuous workload, it makes a big difference. Numerical recording control machines, which are used daily, must be able to manage high levels of work without the need for excessive maintenance. For this, it is best to obtain testimonials from operators who have had direct experience with the brand and the model to acquire.

The analysis of the purchase of CNC machining centers also includes the evaluation of some purely technical aspects. Those key factors are:

  • Cutting tools
  • The cost of the cooling medium
  • The consumption of electrical energy
  • The cost of maintenance and replacement of parts
  • The precision and production of chips or waste
  • The ease in changing from one series to another
  • How friendly and compatible the software can be

Maintenance terms are an essential consideration when deciding the best CNC engraving machine, as this could significantly increase annual production costs. Finding out if the parts are interchangeable and if there is an adequate supply of technical service and parts and pieces in the locality where the industry operates is important.…