Tuesday 2 March, 09:00 – 10:00 am, Ziyun hall

This high-level roundtable will focus on envisioning global mountain futures. Mountains are key reserves of biodiversity and crucial providers of ecosystem services: they provide 60% of global water runoff and cover 24% of the earth’s surface. They are also centres of great cultural diversity: 12% of the world’s population live in the mountains, and many of the world’s ancient agricultural civilizations originated in mountain areas. Mountains landscapes today are major tourist attractions and are often celebrated as natural and spiritual symbols. Yet mountain landscapes and the people living in them also face urgent challenges.


Challenges related to mountain regions include increasing demands for water, energy, food and niche products; the alteration or destruction of natural habitats; widespread poverty and inequality; and climate change.

The way forward:

This roundtable will search for seeds of change, look at current practices and initiatives, review lessons learned and discuss future collaborations, all aimed at the wise and sustainable use of mountain regions’ rich endowment of natural resources, whilst protecting the biodiversity and ecosystems on which life depends.


  1. Dongyu Qu, Vice Minister, Ministry of Agriculture (China)
  2. Nisar A. Memon, ex-Federal Minister (Pakistan)
  3. Vijay Jamwal, The Hans Foundation (India)
  4. Jeremias Mowo, World Agroforestry Centre (Kenya)
  5. Manuel Peralvo, Condesan (Ecuador)
  6. Arjumand Nizami, Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation (Pakistan)

Session facilitator: John Dore (Australia)

Rapporteur: Dietrich Schmidt-Vogt (UCA)