Tuesday 2 March, 02:00 – 03:30 pm, Zijing C

This session focuses on existing and proposed assessments of the status and trends in sustainable mountain development at a variety of scales in mountain regions around the world. The goal of sustainable development has often been expressed in terms of environmental, economic and social capital—referred to as the three pillars of sustainable development—and their change over time. Monitoring the impacts of policies and programmes on these three types of capital, through direct measurement or through proxies or indicators, is thus a useful way in which to examine progress towards sustainable mountain development. Presentations in this session will describe the assessment methodology used or proposed, the relationship of the indicators to the three pillars of sustainable development, motivations for assessment, and how the assessment efforts achieve salience, credibility and legitimacy.

Chairs: Eklabya Sharma and Erin Gleeson


  • Eklabya Sharma (ICIMOD), Presentation on HIMAP
  • Erin Gleeson (MRI), MRI assessment


  • Bjorn Alfthan (UNEP): UNEP assessment
  • Srirama Chandra Murthy (ICIMOD): GEO6 assessment
  • Jianchu Xu (ICRAF): Biodiversity and sustaining ecosystem services
  • Erin Gleeson (MRI): MRI assessment

Open discussion with the floor: 25 minutes

Concluding remarks by Eklabya Sharma: 5 minutes

Rapporteur: Nakul Chettri